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AVG AntiVirus Free

Posted by freewarealternative on February 18, 2007

Free protection against viruses, worms and trojans, AVG AntiVirus Free Edition is ideal for private, non-commercial use. (Use of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition = within any organization or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.) Join the millions of satisfied customers worldwide who have downloaded the software and now enjoy the benefits of AVG products.
Licence: Free for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only.

Features included in the free version:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Real-time antivirus protection of files and e-mails
  • Maximum security — recent certifications include VB100%, ICSA, and West Coast Labs Checkmark
  • Regular and automatic database and program updates
  • Windows and Linux
  • And most of all … great customer satisfaction!

Features not included in the free version:

  • Protection against spyware and identity-theft
  • Protection against spam
  • Protection against hackers
  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • High-speed updates
  • Multiple languages
  • Detailed settings
  • Consent for commercial use


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