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EssentialPIM Free

Posted by freewarealternative on February 26, 2007

EssentialPIM – the powerfully simple Personal Information Manager.
Automatically import your existing data from Outlook, Outlook Express, TreePad, Google calendar or pretty much any PIM software that just isn’t doing it for you. All your data in one place, interconnected so you don’t have to mess around, and just the data you need without a lot of clutter. EssentialPIM is powerfully simple. Get information whenever you need it. Print whatever you want and only what you want! Save your data to HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT or synchronize your data with Outlook.


  • Every feature you need to organize your life: scheduling, contact info, To Do lists and versatile notes
  • Two-way synchronization with MS Outlook
  • Simple printout of any or all modules and quick export of your data into the most useful formats
  • Strong data protection using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm
  • Multilingual interfaces


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